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Mounting of the buffers in the area around the nests from Podişul Hârtibaciului

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On 11 and 12 April the Milvus team made up of Robert Zeitz (Bobi) and István Komáromi (Koma) joined by Tibor Sos (Tibi), a member of the LIFE team from REPA Sibiu have gone in the field to mount the buffers in the area around the previously identified A. pomarina nests. Thus, they marked the so-called buffer areas for minimizing the disturbance of the birds during the nesting period, especially because of the forestry activities.

The buffer areas have a diameter of about 200 meters around the nest and they are signalled with signs warning people that access in the area is restricted. Inside the buffer areas there is an additional demarcation by circles of about 50 m in diameter marked with buffers which forbid the exploitation of the wood even outside the nesting season. All these measures have been take because the lesser spotted eagle is a species which is very sensitive to the disturbances caused by human activities during its nesting period. One of the frequent reasons for failed nesting is the disturbance caused especially by forestry works.


The tree holding the nest of an A. pomarina was cut down

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Since 2011 we have been able to monitor by satellite the movements of a lesser spotted eagle, the adult male Jobbágy with the help of a satellite transmitter installed on the bird's back by the ornithologists from the Milvus group during the LIFE project “Conservation of Aquila pomarina in Romania”. Currently the bird is somewhere near Congo and it hurries to get back to its nest from Valea Nirajului where it successfully nested in the previous years, but Jobbágy will only find a cut down tree instead of its nest in the evergreen oak.

The Contest of comics scripts for pupils

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In May we celebrate 20 years since the setting up of the LIFE program of the European Union, a program which made possible the project “Conservation of Aquila Pomarina in Romania” and other projects of importance for nature protection. LIFE - the European Commission's financing instrument – was created particularly for supporting nature conservation and environmental protection in the EU member states. Since the future of Europe belongs to the young generation and we want them to continue our nature conservation efforts started through the LIFE project, on this occasion we launch:

Do you like comics? Do you love nature and wild birds?

If you gave an affirmative answer to the two questions above, then you are ready to take part in our Contest of comics scripts whose main characters are two lesser spotted eagles, Piciu’ and Generalu’ (Kiddo and General).


Each month, on our website www.pomarina.ro you may watch a comic series which illustrates the life of the lesser spotted eagle in a comic but educational manner. Now it is your turn to write the script for an episode.


The first of the lesser spotted eagles monitored with satellite transmitters returned from its migration

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narcis 1
narcis 1 narcis 1
On 3 April 2012 Narcis arrived to his nesting area – this is the first lesser spotted eagle of the ones equipped with satellite transmitters by the LIFE roject “Conservation of A. Pomarina in Romania” developed in partnership by the Regional Environmental Protection Agency of Sibiu, the Milvus Group Association and the Romanian Ornithological Society. By monitoring the birds with the help of the satellite transmitters we get important information about their nesting grounds, the use of the habitat, the migratory routes and the wintering grounds for the experts studying the life and conservation of birds.


The Wind Farms – A danger for the migrating eagles

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A negative factor for the A. pomarina which is not mentioned in the specialised litterature is represented by the newly built (2009-2010) wind farms from Belen (Turkey), the place where hundreds of thousands of birds cross annually in their autumn and spring migration.

Luckily, Narcis managed to pass through this area without any trouble. However, we are worried for the other A. pomarinas who must cross this new obstacle which appeared in a so-called “bottleneck” area. The “bottleneck” areas are important locations for the concentration of migratory birds during passage. Such concentration areas are: Dobrogea (Romania), Burgas (Bulgaria), the Bosphorus, The Belen Pass (Turkey), Lebanon, Israel, The Suez Channel and Borcka/Arhavi (Caucasus, Turkey).


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