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Intense preparations for welcoming the Aquila pomarinas

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The adult lesser spotted eagles hurry to the nesting areas where, once they arrive in our country at the beginning of April, they will restart the building of their nest. They will reunite with their partners or will choose a new partner and will start the mating ritual and the laying of eggs.

The members of the LIFE project team “Conservation of Aquila Pomarina in Romania” have already started the preparations to welcome the eagles in good conditions. Currently the activities of looking out for new nests, the stabilization of the existing nests, the mounting of artificial nests and of warning plates around the nests to prevent the disturbance of the birds during the nesting period are all under way.


News about the spring migration

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The first Aquila pomarina have left the African territory on their way home.

On 25.03.2012 we found out with the help of the satellite transmitters that the first Aquilas monitored by our project have crossed the Suez Channel and thus left the African continent.

Narcis, an adult equipped with satellite transmitter in Piemontul Făgăraş, is the one heading the platoon of Aquilas equipped with transmitters by our project. Less than a month ago, on 28 February Narcis was one of the last adults to leave the wintering grounds and set on the spring migration. Through methods known to him alone, he managed to outdistance the Aquila pomarinas who had started the journey earlier and place himself in front of their platoon. On 25 March he was close to the Egyptian-Israeli border.


Episodul 5, Migraţia de primăvară

Written by Administrator Friday, 16 March 2012 11:18

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Identifying the pre-wintering and wintering grounds

Last Updated on Friday, 16 March 2012 10:20 Written by Administrator Friday, 16 March 2012 10:19

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By the end of January (2012) we were able to identify four pre-wintering and wintering grounds for the 2011-2012 migration: one in Zambia, one in the border area between Zambia and Angola, the third one between Zimbabwe and Botswana and the fourth in the Krüger Park. The birds monitored by the LIFE project reached the pre-wintering grounds in November 2011. The duration of a stop on the wintering grounds varies between 4 and 15 days.


The autumn migration of Aquila pomarina 2011

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The second year in which we studied the migration of Aquila pomarina for the LIFE project allowed us to establish much more precisely the migration stages and the routes to the wintering areas. We hope that 2012 may give us more data about the spring migration, as well.

Further below we will synthesize the data about the 2011 autumn migration stages.


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