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International conference for updating the European Action Plan for The Lesser Spotted Eagle

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At the end of 4 years of activities in support of the conservation of the Aquila pomarina species, the partners of the LIFE project “Conservation of Aquila pomarina in Romania” (Environmental Protection Agency Sibiu, Milvus Group Association and Romanian Ornithological Society), are organizing a final conference, aiming to gather bird experts from at least 10 European countries to share their experience related to the conservation of the species. The main objectives of the conference are:

  • to update the International Action Plan for the species, drafted in 1997

  • to disseminate the results achieved by our project

  • to share information on the conservation measures recently undertaken for the species in the different countries.

  • to meet with the teams of other Life Nature projects focusing on raptor species



Arlie – the name of the eagle equipped with the last satellite transmitter

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dscn1332 dscn1332
The lesser spotted eagle equipped with the last satellite transmitter near the village of Berivoi, in the Piemontul Făgărașului SPA was given a name selected following a contest launched in parallel on the Facebook page of the Romanian Ornithological Society and on that of the LIFE project “Conservation of A. Pomarina in Romania”. Since we had not determined the sex of the bird yet, we asked the users in an online message to come up with a name suitable for both sexes. The most appreciated proposal was to be declared a winner.

The mounting of the last satellite transmitter

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dscn1305 dscn1305
During the 4 years of the LIFE Project “Conservation of Aquila Pomarina in Romania” the project team installed 18 satellite transmitters on the birds captured in the three main Natura 2000 sites of the project from central Transylvania. These special devices equipped with small solar-powered cells and cutting edge technology provided experts with important data about the lesser spotted eagle, one of the raptor bird’s species whose population is declining globally.


Disturbance around the lesser spotted eagle nests

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copaci verzi do...
copaci verzi doborati copaci verzi doborati

parcela taiere ...
parcela taiere ras parcela taiere ras

The nest of Benjamin and his pair, situated near the village of Alţâna (Natura 2000 site Podișul Hârtibaciului) was known to the specialists from the beginning of the project. In 2010 the male was equipped with a satellite transmitter (and also name Benjamin on this occasion) which allowed us to monitor it for several years. In the spring on 2012 we designated a protection area of 100 meters in diameter around its nest and marked it with warning plates placed on trees. For better protection, we also notified the employees of the Dealul Sibiului private Forestry Office which manages the land in question of the exact location of the nest. In spite of all these measures, at the end of the 2012 summer the members of the Milvus team noticed that forestry works were started in the area. The project team reminded the forestry office of the existence of the protection area around the nest and the works ceased, which allowed a successful nesting process in 2012. However later in autumn the project team discovered that the tree where Benjamin had nested had been cut down. The forestry office had had these works included in their activities.


Erika leaves us speechless again

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After 2012 when Erika exceeded all experts’ expectations about the northern location of her spring migration, this year she surprises us again. After having crossed the southern region of our country, Erika headed towards the Republic of Moldova and on July 12 she got to the north of Kiev, in Ukraine. In her spring migration Erika followed the classical migration route of the lesser spotted eagles with one minor, yet important adjustment. If usually eagles use the Bosporus as a passageway from Asia to Europe, from central Turkey Erika head north-west to the shore of the Marmara Sea. From here she did not look for a passage route above ground, as her fellows usually do, but she crossed straight over the Marmara Sea, hovering over this immense water body. After having crossed this obstacle, she took the classical migration route across Bulgaria and arrived in our country.


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