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Disturbance around the lesser spotted eagle nests

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The nest of Benjamin and his pair, situated near the village of Alţâna (Natura 2000 site Podișul Hârtibaciului) was known to the specialists from the beginning of the project. In 2010 the male was equipped with a satellite transmitter (and also name Benjamin on this occasion) which allowed us to monitor it for several years. In the spring on 2012 we designated a protection area of 100 meters in diameter around its nest and marked it with warning plates placed on trees. For better protection, we also notified the employees of the Dealul Sibiului private Forestry Office which manages the land in question of the exact location of the nest. In spite of all these measures, at the end of the 2012 summer the members of the Milvus team noticed that forestry works were started in the area. The project team reminded the forestry office of the existence of the protection area around the nest and the works ceased, which allowed a successful nesting process in 2012. However later in autumn the project team discovered that the tree where Benjamin had nested had been cut down. The forestry office had had these works included in their activities.


cuib artificial
cuib artificial cuib artificial
To help the pair nest, in the spring of 2013 the team built an artificial nest in the same forest sector where Benjamin had nested before, which was thinned out by the forestry works from the autumn of 2012. On 10 June 2013, upon checking the state of the nests and the bird activity in the area, the team discovered a new nest chosen by Benjamin and its pair. This was an older nest probably used randomly by birds. Unfortunately, less than 100 meters away there was another area of forest with on-going works. According to the employee from the forestry office who was present during the cutting of the trees, this was an authorised activity, although the law does not allow for the cutting down of mature trees at this time of the year. At our teams’ request, the works were interrupted during the nesting period and therefore the pair may bring up its nestling, equipped with a ring on 11 July. According to the information provided by the Milvus experts, the works carried out in this forest were not interrupted, but rather moved to another sector, where the disturbance and the alteration of the habitat would continue without any care for the presence of the lesser spotted eagles in the area. Considering that the described surface is included in a planning period which is in its last year of implementation, the project team is discussing with the Dealul Sibiului forestry Office to exclude the sector from exploitation for the next planning period (10 years).

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