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The mounting of the last satellite transmitter

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During the 4 years of the LIFE Project “Conservation of Aquila Pomarina in Romania” the project team installed 18 satellite transmitters on the birds captured in the three main Natura 2000 sites of the project from central Transylvania. These special devices equipped with small solar-powered cells and cutting edge technology provided experts with important data about the lesser spotted eagle, one of the raptor bird’s species whose population is declining globally.





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The last transmitter was mounted in the first week of July on an eagle captured near Berivoi, in the “Piemontul Făgăraș” Natura 2000 site. The captured bird is in its 4th year of life and weights 1.515 kg. The activity was carried out by a mixed team made up of experts from the Romanian Ornithological Society, the Milvus Group Association and the Sibiu Environmental Protection Agency, all partners in the LIFE project. To mount the transmitter, the team had to make several field trips at the foothills of the Făgăraș Mountains.

Besides mounting the transmitter, the bird also received foot identification rings, it was measured, her health condition was checked and then it was released. Then the eagle joined her fellows who sent us extremely important information about this species through the satellite transmitters.

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The experts haven’t given a name to the lesser spotted eagle captured at Berivoi, yet. We are keenly waiting for their decision!

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