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LIFE08 NAT/RO/000501-Conservation of Aquila pomarina in Romania

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Regional Environmental Protection Agency Sibiu toghether with its partners The Association for Bird and Nature Protection “Milvus Group” and The Romanian Ornithological Society, launched at the begining of 2010 the project „Conservation of Aquila pomarina in Romania”. The project is financed by the European Commission within LIFE+ programme, component Nature and Biodiversity. The project will be implemented between 2010 and 2013.

Total value of the project: 1.884.138 Euro

  • Grant from LIFE+ programme: 1.413.104 Euro

  • Co-financing from Ministry of Environment: 434.034 Euro

  • Co-financing from partners: 37.000 Euro from which:

  • Co-financing from Milvus: 25.000 Euro

  • Co-financing from SOR: 12.000 Euro


The main objective of the project is to ensure conditions to achieve and maintain favorable conservation status for 22,2 % of the European Union’s Aquila pomarina population.

Aquila pomarina is a raptor species with breeding range restricted mostly to central, eastern and south-east Europe. It has suffered a major decline in many countries, it is considered to be a species in decline throughout its whole range. Romania is one of the most important strongholds of the species. As the result of the most recent studies the Romanian population is estimated at 2,000 pairs. The Romanian population was largely underestimated until recently, when the importance of this population was recognized, as holding 22,2% of the EU population and 10% of the population at the world level.

In Romania, the population is not uniformly distributed throughout the country; main strongholds are in Transylvania, western Romania and eastern slopes of the Eastern Carpathians. Small populations exist also in Eastern, South-eastern and Southern Romania

Special Protected Areas within the project „Conservation of aquila pomarina in Romania”:

1. ROSPA0028 - Dealurile Târnavelor - Valea Nirajului

2. ROSPA0099 - Podişul Hârtibaciului

3. ROSPA0098 - Piemontul Făgăraşului

4. ROSPA0027 - Dealurile Homoroadelor

5. ROSPA0029 - Defileul Mureşului Inferior - Dealurile Lipovei

6. ROSPA0033 - Depresiunea si Munţii Giurgeului

7. ROSPA0034 - Depresiunea si Munţii Ciucului

8. ROSPA0069 - Lunca Mureşului Inferior

9. ROSPA0082 - Munţii Bodoc – Baraolt

10. ROSPA0091- Pădurea Babadag

11. ROSPA0080 - Munţii Almajului – Locvei

12. ROSPA0107 - Vânători Neamţ

The map with project Natura 2000 sites

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Main activities within the project:

  • Field work for data collection regarding species,

  • Organize information meetings with main stakeholders from the project Natura 2000 sites,

  • Stabilizing of problematic nests and placing out nesting platforms in safe areas,

  • Pastures will be managed to enhance habitat quality with demonstration purpose,

  • Prepare special conservation measures on the base of which will be applied compensatory payments by the Ministry of Agriculture,

  • All power lines will be checked in the key SPAs and the most dangerous 1500 pylons will be isolated,

  • Educational activities in schools, etc.

  • Project results:

  • The A. pomarina population of Romania will be stabilized at 2,000 pairs and will even increase in the 3 targeted SPAs as a result of the coordinated conservation measures

  • LSEFHMG – the basic document for realizing and implementing management plans for SPAs where the A. pomarina is present - created with strong involvement and acceptance of relevant stakeholders and endorsed by the relevant Ministry

  • National Action Plan created and adopted by the relevant Ministry, creating the basis for country-wide conservation

  • International Action Plan up-dated based on the project results

  • Min. 100 nests stabilized and min.100 new nesting platforms in place

  • Min. of 150 ha (50 ha in each of the 3 key SPAs) of pastures managed to enhance habitat quality by 2014 with demonstration purpose. Demonstrational habitat management activities are reaching 45000 local people.

  • Min. 75 nests protected by buffer zones from forestry activities.

  • Min. 20 nests protected by barriers set out on key areas

  • Min. 10 nests protected by diverted tourist paths

  • Direct persecution caused by hunters and gamekeepers reduced with 50% in the 12 target SPAs.

  • 1500 power poles made eagle-friendly to avoid electrocution, electrocution reduced by 90% in the key areas.

  • A short documentary film will be produced about the A pomarina.

  • Public awareness will be raised through 200 media releases (radio, newsletter and TV),

  • Placing 54 notice boards in the target SPAs

  • Producing and disseminating 5000 posters, 7500 booklets and 500 multimedia DVD’s about the A pomarina and it’s conservation.

Project partners

Contacts of project members

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