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Home > Home > News > Latest > „Volunteers Programme” of the LIFE project “Conservation of Aquila pomarina in Romania”

„Volunteers Programme” of the LIFE project “Conservation of Aquila pomarina in Romania”

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This programme is open for students and master students in biodivesity conservation or connected sciencies (biology, geography, environmental sciencies, forestry, wild life management).

The volunteers will be selected by the members of the Milvus Group Association and Romanian Ornitological Society based on the following documents:

  • Letter of intention, in which the candidate shortly presents the objectives of his study, in one of the above-mentioned fields;

  • Letter of recommendation from a mentor or advisor teacher from the university/faculty;

  • Curriculum vitae;

The study area is located on the following Natura 2000 sites:

1. ROSPA0028 - Dealurile Târnavelor - Valea Nirajului

2. ROSPA0099 - Podişul Hârtibaciului

3. ROSPA0098 - Piemontul Făgăraşului

Working conditions:

The field programme will be intensive, but depending on the type of study/activity in which the volunteer will be involved.


Volunteers have to cover themselves the transport to Tg. Mures city (if they are working in sites Dealurile Târnavelor - Valea Nirajului and Podisul Hartibaciului), and respectively Sibiu city (for SPA Piemontul Fagarasului). From these two cities the volunteers will be picked up by the project staff. Before going out in the field an exact planning of the field trips has to be agreed by the LIFE project members.

Possible dangers:

Work with wild animals and in hilly and mountain areas can pose danger. The sites where the project is implemented are areas where large carnivors occur (bears, wolves, lynxs). Bears, especially if we run into the bear mother and its cubs, could represent a critical danger. The field trips will be made in groups of minimum two persons. The volunteers will have to be properly equipped (see below). Each field trip will be announced to the two specialised partner organizations in the project (Milvus Group and SOR). We strongly recommend volunteers rabies vaccination before the field trips, to avoid any inconveniences caused by the contact with foxs, wolves, shepperd dogs etc.

Recommended equipment:

For the observation of birds in the field you need professional binoculars, fieldscope.

For the field work you need to have specialised equipment like: waterproof mountain boots, light sport shoes, wind-and waterproof jacket, Polartec pullover, wind- and waterproof gloves, , flashlight, penknife, compass, altimeter, photo camera, sleeping bag. In the wet weather and winter conditions it is recommended to have several clothing changes with you.

For details please contact us on e-mail/tel:

Asociatia Grup Milvus: Tel: +40 265 264726, E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Societatea Ornitologica Romana: Tel.: 031 4255657; E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please specify as subject "volunteer programme".


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